Mitch Brandt is the founder and CEO of the CashPlus Property Investment trust and the author of the revolutionizing CashPlus buy-to-let Property Investment Home Study Course and a seasoned financially free below market value CashPlus property investor.

Mitch’s course has effectively educated 100’s of students on how to reach financial freedom through below market value CashPlus property investments and changed the way they look at buy-to-let property investments forever.

As creator of the multi-media CashPlus Property Investment Course, Mitch has become South Africa’s leading authority on the topic of below market value buy-to-let property investments.

Mitch learned the simple but challenging and expensive secrets of CashPlus property investments through successfully building his own CashPlus property portfolio which left him financially free in a short period of time.

On his journey to financial freedom, many experienced and novice buy-to-let property investors begged him to teach them the secrets of financial freedom through CashPlus property investments.

The first edition of the CashPlus Property Investment Home Study course was launched in 2008 and inspired hundreds of students to build their own CashPlus property portfolio on their way to financial freedom.

The new edition of the CashPlus Property Investment course now includes real life case studies of below market value CashPlus properties Mitch has added to his own CashPlus portfolio since 2000.

The simple but effective easy understandable practical step by step 10 module course makes it easy for both the novice and the experienced buy-to-let property investor to start immediately or to expand their portfolio to the next level of wealth creation.

Many people measure wealth in monetary terms but not many realize that true wealth is encapsulated in the daily facets of life. True wealth is having a healthy balance in life and being able to share your knowledge and to help others achieve their dreams.

The CashPlus course is not about the theory but rather about the practical knowhow and the journey to reach the end goal of the CashPlus property investor – Financial Freedom.

Money back guarantee:

This must be the best guarantee in the industry.

”If you do not create wealth at least 10 (ten) times more than your CashPlus course investment when buying your first buy-to-let property the CashPlus Way, I will refund your course fees.”


  • €�I just bought your course and I think it is good value for money. I am already invested in properties however I have gained new insights with your knowledge and experience.”
    — Pieter

  • €�I found the CashPlus Property Investment Course exceptional, very informative and easy to understand. For those of us who are focused on buying BMV properties there is no better guide to get you on your journey to financial freedom.”
    — Henry