“How to buy CashPlus properties”

If you are an experienced or novice buy-to-let property investor who wants to learn the practical way of how to invest in CASH POSSITIVE PROPERTIES THAT “WASH THEIR FACE” FROM DAY ONE, this course is for you!!!!

The CashPlus course will start a LIFE CHANGING JOURNEY that will empower you to reach Financial Freedom through CashPlus property investments in a short period of time.

The course consists of My Story and 10 action packed training modules and 4 real life Case Studies of properties I have bought for my own CashPlus Property Portfolio with real life step by step CashPlus property investment methodologies that can be used ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! It doesn’t matter where you live or what your basic property investment strategy is.

The course is developed to give you a ONE STOP SOLUTION TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM through CashPlus property investments. Each module focuses on a critical aspect required to successfully establish your CashPlus property investment business. It gives you the REAL LIFE STEP BY STEP METHODOLOGIES and even the SOFTWARE to become a successful CashPlus property investor. At the end of each module there is a self-test mini questionnaire with answers to help you build confidence that you have understood the methodologies and concepts of each module and are ready to engage on your journey to Financial Freedom.

How does it work?

As soon as your course fees have been received, you will receive the Course content via e-mail teaching you the REAL secrets of CashPlus property investments that took me years and expensive learning fees to learn.

What is the course content?

My Story
I learned the simple secrets of CashPlus property investments in a joyful but challenging way and, over many years, fine-tuned them into a turnkey method to become financially free and to create wealth beyond my wildest dreams. How I embarked on my journey to Financial Freedom.

Module 1 – The CashPlus Property Investment Goal
The ultimate CashPlus investment goal, what we want to achieve with our CashPlus Buy-to-let business, looking a bit closer at “The rat race” and how to not be caught in the rat race, getting the passive income “Eureka” moment and looking at the concept “Financial Freedom”, The CashPlus journey to reach Financial Freedom, and then sharing the most important “Below Market Value” CashPlus secret with you.

Module 2 – The CashPlus Strategy
The CashPlus strategy, learning what a “CashPlus” property is and in what legal structure to buy your CashPlus properties and why? You will also learn the CashPlus tax secret.

Module 3 – The property market cycle
The Property Market Cycle, why the CashPlus investor needs to understand the property cycle and the property market cycle drivers, some historical growth and future growth projections for the South African property market and why the South African CashPlus property market sector is different from other property markets. The CashPlus Property Market Cycle secret and the 3 main economic indicators having an impact on your CashPlus property portfolios health.

Module 4 – Finding CashPlus properties
Where to find Below Market Value CashPlus properties or should I rather say how they will find you. The motivated seller and why he is important. The two easy CashPlus property sourcing strategies and the quick 3 step CashPlus marketing system.

Module 5 – The CashPlus Due Diligence
Some insight into the world of estate agents and how to quickly determine the REAL market value of a CashPlus property. The simple 10 minute 5 step CashPlus due diligence to determine the CashPlus offer value that will leave your property subsidy free. Simple but powerful excel spreadsheet to determine the CashPlus offer value. Why it is important to accurately determine the CashPlus offer value. How to determine the once off acquisition cost to acquire your property as well as the monthly expenses on your property. The CashPlus Due Diligence secret. Why the equity in the property determines the CashPlus negotiation strategy. The biggest mistakes novice property investors initially make.

Module 6 – CashPlus Finance
The world of finance and the concept “gearing”. The South African property registration process and where finance fits into the process. The CashPlus finance secret. The two tiered CashPlus finance system. The best short and long term funding sources available to the CashPlus property investor. The details of the “Buy-to-let” home loan.

Module 7 – CashPlus Negotiation
The most feared part of CashPlus property investments “Negotiating with motivated sellers”. The CashPlus negotiation secret. The Motivated Seller and how to build a win-win relationship. The quick 3 step CashPlus negotiation strategy.

Module 8 – Property Auctions
How to buy a CashPlus property before, during and after the auction. The “Sherriff Auction” and why a “Sherriff Auction” is superior to a normal auction. The risks of buying a property at a “Sherriff Auction”. The CashPlus auction secret. The basics of auctions you always wanted to know. Why CashPlus investors have an advantage at auctions.
How to determine the maximum bid price for the CashPlus property on auction.

Module 9 – The CashPlus Landlord
How to be a successful CashPlus landlord and how to put your CashPlus business into auto drive. The power of support teams. How to structure a CashPlus power team for success. Why it is important to work on your CashPlus property investment business and not in your business. Why you have to be weary of “specialists”

Module 10 – Step by Step to Financial Freedom
One of life’s biggest mysteries. The powerful concept of goal setting and the simple 6 step by step solution to put you on your journey to financial freedom. How to set your journey to success with clearly defined CashPlus pit stops. Start by visualizing the end.
How to measure your progress and how to compare your success.

Real Life Case Studies

Case Study 1 – My First Property
How I bought my first Buy-To-Let property and the many mistakes I made.

Case Study 2 – Developer Property
The inside secrets of buying properties from Developers the CashPlus way.

Case Study 3 – Cash Bonus
How to buy a property that will leave you with an instant cash bonus.

Case Study 4 – Auction Property
How to buy a CashPlus property at the auction.


  • €�I just bought your course and I think it is good value for money. I am already invested in properties however I have gained new insights with your knowledge and experience.”
    — Pieter

  • €�I found the CashPlus Property Investment Course exceptional, very informative and easy to understand. For those of us who are focused on buying BMV properties there is no better guide to get you on your journey to financial freedom.”
    — Henry