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27 May 2016,
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Latest CashPlus property market trends and growth forecasts

FNB Estate Agent Survey – Buy-to-let Home Buying

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CashPlus property market trends and growth forecasts.

According to the 9 May 2016 ABSA house price index, the average nominal price growth for small houses increased by 10.8 % y/y in March 2016 and by 12.4% in April 2016.

Real economic growth has been revised down to 0.6% for this year.

Interest rates have been hiked by a cumulative 75 basis points since the start of the year and further rate hikes are expected later this year if inflation remains above 6%. The current prime rate is at 10.5% and the CashPlus forecast for 2016 was to end the year at 10.75%.

The April CPI (Consumer Price Index) inflation rate declined from 6.3% to 6.2% in the previous month and it looks like stabilizing closer to the South African Reserve Banks upper inflation limit of 6%.

Against the background of trends in and the outlook for the economy, household finances and consumer confidence, ABSA is projecting nominal house price growth to slow down from 6,2% in 2015 to 4,7% this year.

The smaller housing segment is currently outperforming the other sectors and should easily reach the CashPlus growth projection of between 6 and 8% nominal growth this year.

FNB Estate Agent Survey – Buy-to-let Home Buying


As a percentage of total home buying, buy-to-let purchases are estimated by survey respondents to have moved sideways, remaining unchanged on the previous quarter at 9% in the 1st quarter of 2016.

From a peak of 8.78% at the end of 2013, the FNB revised National Average Gross Yield has declined slightly to 8.48% by the final quarter of 2015.

Although not spectacular, gross yield combined with positive nominal growth (12.4% year on year for the smaller houses sector) is still a compelling business case for the CashPlus buy-to-let property investor, especially when compared to money market returns of less than 6% and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange growth of less than 2% year on year (26 May 16).

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